Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of applying various tools to propel your website to the top of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Beginning with an analysis of your current website or designing a new SEO enhanced website, Be Locally SEO partners with you to create an individualized off-page optimization plan for your business. Through internet marketing practices, Be Locally SEO makes your website relevant to search engines that vaults your website to the top pages of internet searches.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet searches for products and services have taken the place of old fashioned telephone directories.  A search on Google, for instance, can be fine-tuned by the user to search for a specific product or service using keywords and phrases. They may even search in a particular geographical location. When a user obtains the results, they are influenced most by those businesses located on the first page of their online search. Businesses located on the first page of results are more likely to attract visitors which eventually convert to customers.

There are three types of SEO strategies depending on the goal and target market of the business. Take a look at more specific information regarding your target market:

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Be Locally SEO's Salt Lake City, Utah based SEO experts uses a variety of search engine optimization tools to position your business on that critical first page and practice the following techniques to achieve high rankings in search engine queries, including:

Keyword analysis is one of the most important factors in SEO. Keywords facilitate indexing for relevant terms in search engines that generate increased traffic and conversion rates. Link building is the leading factor that tells search engines your business is popular. Popularity in the search engine world means your business is both relevant and credible; as popularity increases, so too do your rankings.  Links on other credible sites are the gold standard in SEO. Be Locally SEO helps businesses develop their link profile through vigorous link building campaigns.Search engine optimization can be complicated, yet it is a necessary factor in achieving top search engine rankings. Be Locally SEO has the expertise and proven track record your  business needs to leave your competition behind.So how much does this all cost? Though exact SEO requirements can vary from business to business, we have typical SEO Packages and Pricing to give you an idea for pricing. Our account executives offer free consultations to answer questions regarding results and expectations.Get a free quote for localizing your business today from Be Locally SEO.


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