press release ExamplePress releases are the gold nuggets of marketing departments, but there’s been a shift in recent years. Your marketing team (if you have one) probably knows all about putting together a great billboard campaign or how to charm the local press. But when it comes to writing press releases, that’s something that requires a professional who’s equal parts writer and marketer. A press release is an official statement released to the media and meant to inform about a business, event, service, product, or pretty much anything else. The keywords here are “official” and “media.”

The media demands some respect, and if they don’t get it on their terms they’ll simply ignore your press release. You’ll put in all that work, time and possibly money (if you opt for a direct mail campaign) for nothing. A press release has one major requirement: It needs to be news-worthy. The seemingly impossible trick is figuring out just what a certain media outlet considers newsworthy—and how do you present it in that way, anyway?

Editors and media writers get stacks of press releases every day, and yours needs to stand out. It needs to grip them in the first sentence and keep them hanging on until the last. It’s an information subsidy, an easily digestible little chunk of information that the media wants to know about. Ideally, the press release will garner a feature story, but at the very least, it will be included in the media outlet’s upcoming issue. At Be Locally SEO we specialize not only in writing press releases, but in getting them picked up by the right outlets. Our prices:

Press Release                                                                 350 to 500 words                            $200

(Includes on-page and off-page optimization and two to three text anchor links, one url, and photo if applicable)


PR Web Press Release                                                  350 to 500 words                            $450**

(Includes all of the above plus placement on the most prestigious media source on-line. **Includes submission fee)


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