Business Blogging

When used correctly, business blogging can be invaluable establishing you as an authority in your field and for improving your company’s online visibility and SEO rankings.

As a part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, your company’s blog can engage your prospects and customers and help increase sales and revenue. For Google and the other search engines, blogging can help propel your site to the top of the search engine rankings pages, driving qualified traffic and helping shape their behavior toward conversion.

For blogging to provide these impressive results, however, each post must be carefully crafted using in-depth research, proven formulas and industry best practices. And they have to be technically flawless, engaging and informative.

business blogging can propel your site to the top of search engine rankings

What Is Business Blogging?

A blog – short for the enigmatic term “web log” – is essentially a form of content marketing. When you make a blog post, you add a piece of content to your business website’s blog page, sharing valuable information with your target audience and with the search engines.

Your blogging topics should reflect some relevant aspect of your business. Each post should be based on a specific product or service, highlighting the associated keywords and key phrases.

For example, you might blog about a new product launch or highlight the benefits of one of your services. You can use blogging to answer customer questions or to demonstrate the advantages of working with your company over your competitors.

your blog topics should reflect some relevant aspect of your business

Why Do You Need Blogging for Your Business?

Business blogging serves two key purposes: It helps increase online visibility and SEO, and it helps engage or inform your targets, prospects and customers.

When crafted correctly, each new blog post will catch the attention of Google and the other search engines and help them better understand what you do. This will help improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site.

Google also rewards websites that constantly and consistently add fresh content. Consequently, every time you add a new blog post to your website, the search engines will update – and ideally enhance – your position in the search rankings.

Your prospects will use your blog posts to get answers to their questions and to learn more about specific aspects of your brand and your business offerings. This digital content will also help you retain customers by engaging them and keeping them informed about your products and services.

when crafted correctly each blog post will help search engines better understand what you do

Blogging as a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

You may have seen business blog posts that seem barely relevant to the company’s brand, products or services. Those posts probably don’t help with either of these important objectives.

However, when your posts leverage best practices for SEO and professionally created content, they will help you improve your site’s search engine rankings and help guide your prospects toward conversion.

To be valuable, however, your blog posts must feature original content that is crafted to effectively leverage keywords and phrases and, if applicable to your business, local SEO strategies.

As a part of your overall digital and content marketing strategy, your blogs can increase expertise, page links, engagement, social media reach and other valuable metrics. This is the ideal way to effectively increase the amount of content on your website, which is currently one of Google’s most important ranking metrics.

Be Locally SEO uses blogging as an important component of an overall digital marketing program, along with social media, AdWords pay-per-click campaigns and organic SEO optimization strategies. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and learn more about how business blogging can help you achieve your sales and revenue growth goals.

to be valuable your blog posts must feature original content


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We have found Be locally to be very responsive when we need work done or edits made to existing sites. They respond quickly to email or phone calls, and are available to meet as needed. Be Locally also manages a number of Google Adwords campaigns for us and we have been pleased with the results of their work.”

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