LinkedIn Ads: Basics, Viability and Cost Factors

Many in the business world understand how valuable a platform like LinkedIn is for themes like networking and business connections, but some aren’t properly advised on how important the platform also is for marketing and advertising areas as well. LinkedIn is one of the single best platforms out there for creating business leads and reaching related targets, and one of the top approaches here is utilizing the platform’s robust ad services.

At Be Locally, we’re happy to offer numerous social media marketing services as part of our broader SEO and online marketing packages, including assistance with any part of LinkedIn advertising or related themes. What are LinkedIn ads, what are the business or individual entities who tend to utilize and benefit from them most, and how can you go about setting up a robust approach to LinkedIn ads if they fit your business needs? This two-part blog series will help answer these questions and more.

LinkedIn ads basics cost

LinkedIn Ad Basics

Anyone who spends significant time on LinkedIn will have run into their ads at some point. Ads are mixed in on Google home pages, often seen in your feed with subtle “promoted” or other designations that signal they’re ads.

In addition, text and image-based ads will also show up on the far-right rail of many LinkedIn screens, at least while being accessed via desktop or laptop. And furthermore, ads can even be delivered directly to a LinkedIn inbox as what’s known as “sponsored InMail.”

For advertisers, this means one simple thing: There are several ways to use LinkedIn to get your message out to many different target groups, even those that are not connected to one another.

Who Utilizes LinkedIn, and Why?

LinkedIn ads are popular across numerous fields, but particularly areas like B2B and professional services or products. Some specific industries they’re often used in include:

  • Various financial services or courses
  • Professional training, workshops, seminars or postgraduate programs
  • Productivity or related apps
  • Business software, accounting services and related areas
  • Virtual assistant solutions
  • Consultant services
  • Web developers and other forms of online service

LinkedIn is great for growing brand awareness in several ways, from increasing content and video views to establishing yourself as a high-authority source in your industry – plus, of course, generating new leads and resulting sales. It’s particularly useful for targeting those in the business world.

LinkedIn Ad Cost Factors

It’s important to know that there is no singular set cost for LinkedIn ads. Rather, you and other advertisers looking to reach similar audiences will submit bids to LinkedIn when you launch your ad campaign – the more popular the target audience, the higher the bid will need to be. You will then also have to specify an objective as you set up the campaign, with seven possible objectives ranging from brand awareness and engagement up to lead generation, job applicants and more.

The average LinkedIn ad across all industries, however, costs under $5.50 per click and under $7.00 per 1,000 impressions – this is one of the lowest numbers of the major social media platforms, with several other controls that allow you to set a specific budget and stick to it.

For more on setting up LinkedIn ads, or to learn about social media marketing or any of our web design, PPC or other services, speak to the staff at Be Locally today.

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