Signs It’s Time for a Website Content Refresh and Redesign

Website RedesignIf you already have a business website in place, it can be easy to assume that you’ve done all that’s needed for successful digital marketing. But it’s important to periodically revisit your online presence with fresh eyes to ensure that it’s representing your brand and speaking effectively to your target market. Whether you’re considering launching social media platforms, redesigning your site, or completely revamping your brand, here is a quick checklist of the areas to consider when it’s time to relaunch your web presence.

Information or your web design is dated

Today, businesses evolve quickly. Products come and go every week from the inventory of stores. Service providers identify new market needs and offer services that are in demand from customers. In some cases, the space that you’re working in changes so quickly that you offer new packages to test with clients on short notice. If the information isn’t up to date on your website, it’s important to think about revamping your copy. There are also situations where the look and feel of your site clearly reflects the design preferences of a different time. The question is: do you need to revamp your copy or design? When you feel the need to modernize and re-energize your online presence, that’s a good sign that it’s time to invest.
Your brand feels tired

There are numerous elements to your brand. Your brand is about your logo, your color scheme and visual approach, your copy, and the voice that you use to communicate with your customers. But there are times when a business outgrows its brand. Sometimes it has to do with the evolution of your business or changes in expectations in the market. In other cases, you’ve simply lived with the same brand for too long and need a change that better reflects who you are. When that’s carried throughout your online presence, you more effectively speak to the customers that are in need of your products or services.

Conversions have dropped off

Over time, markets mature and client’s needs change. As a result, the copy that may have worked well to drive sales and conversions may become stale over time. Another cause of this may be a lot of emulation in the market. Even if you started with an original message, your competitors may have adopted similar positioning or marketing tactics. When this happens, it can make it harder to stand out and conversions may begin to drop off. If your conversions are dropping, it’s time to conduct an objective analysis on what’s working and where the gaps are in your conversion strategy.

The site isn’t mobile optimized

Today, many of your customers will be visiting your website on their smartphone or tablet. Mobile usage has increased so much that Google recently released an update to penalize sites that aren’t mobile optimized. Take a look at your website on different mobile devices. Does it look great? Is the functionality smooth and effective? Does it run at a decent speed? If your answer to any of these questions is no, it’s time to upgrade your site. Mobile optimization needs to be a priority for both the customer experience and the potential implications for your site rankings.

Determining whether you need to redesign your website or reevaluate your copy is a big decision. An experienced outside perspective can help. Contact Be Locally SEO today to arrange for a personalized consultation and to discuss whether your business could benefit from a website redesign or from rewriting your website content.

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