Using Pinterest for Marketing and to Boost Online Presence

Pinterest for Marketing

If you haven’t explored using Pinterest for marketing your business, it’s something you may want to consider. Many people are familiar with using Pinterest for fun, but this social media site can also be a great business tool. In particular, it's a highly effective way to drive traffic to your website. If you are looking for another powerful tool for marketing your business, take a look at a few ways Pinterest can help.

Create Boards Full of Useful and Engaging Content

Social media is about building relationships with your customers, not simply pushing your products and services. If you want to stand out to your target audience, make sure your social media posts have true value. You can do this by creating Pinterest boards with helpful tips and fun ideas that somehow relate to your business. For example, if you sell household cleaning products, post some cleaning tips on your boards. If you sell art supplies, your audience will appreciate novel ideas for crafts they can make using your products. If your content is truly helpful, people will follow your Pinterest boards and keep coming back to see more. Of course, you can mention your own products or even post links to your site within your Pinterest content, which will increase traffic to your business website and, ideally, boost your sales.

Make a Board for Your Blog Posts

By now, you probably have business blog that’s updated regularly with high-quality content. Pinterest is a great way to promote your posts and to increase the visibility of your blog and website. You can even make a board specifically for different blog post topics.. Simply pin each blog post to the board, making sure to include the post's title, a summary, related picture and a link. Try to use keywords in the information blurb about each blog on your board, along with hyper-localized geotags. This will help your target audience find and follow your blog board on Pinterest. Mix in some other engaging content on the same topic now and again, to increase the value and interest for your followers.

Be Engaging

Just like any other social network, Pinterest will produce the best results when you engage with your audience. This means you need follow and interact with your followers, as well as checking their boards and repinning any of their content that you think your audience would like. It can also be helpful to like and comment on your followers’ pins. Another way to engage with your followers is by running contests on your website and promoting them through social media. You can even make a contest board on Pinterest that contains information on your current promotion. Add links to your website too, so your followers can join in the fun. This not only improves your relationship with your target audience, but it also drives traffic to your website.

As helpful as Pinterest can be, it's only effective when you use it strategically to engage in dialog with your customers. If you are not confident in your ability to use social media for marketing purposes, or if your time is better spend serving your customers and building your business, let a professional internet marketing service help you get started using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for marketing.

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