How the Marriage of YouTube and Google+ Can Help Your Business

You may not realize that YouTube is owned by Google—where are those tell-tale primary be locally seo google and youtubecolors, the high techiness and the general streamlined look? YouTube is a favorite time killer and your go-to source for funny cat videos. But it can do so much more for you and your business, and Google is stepping things up in a big way this autumn.

One of the biggest buzzkills of YouTube are the comment sections where spam, hijacking and sometimes even abusive language can run rampant. As one of the Google clan, YouTube should be the poster child for video social networking, but how can the giant segue the site into a useful tool? Enter a modified version of Google+’s comment platform, which is all about teasing out custom, meaningful feedback from each user.

Out with the Old

Maybe you’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube, or your only experience is searchingbe locally seo google and youtube2 for “epic gym fails” or other entertainment fodder. You may have never even ventured into the comments section. Right now, the YouTube comments are posted chronologically no matter what. It doesn’t matter if one comment has 1,000 likes while another had none—if the zero-likes post is the most recent, it will appear at the top. This gets messy.

The new ranking system will sort comments by what matters to you. This is configured by your social network, people you’ve engaged in discussion with and comments by people you’ve interacted with before. It’s intuitive. Full integration with Google+ is also on the horizon, so if you embed a YouTube video on your Google+ profile, the complete description you used on your profile will also be mirrored on YouTube as a comment.

Incorporating Videos in Your Business

People have the attention spans of a gold fish. Whether your business provides financial services to Salt Lake City retirees or you sell mattresses in Miami, you have to hold their be locally seo google and youtube3attention. Your customers will more easily watch a short, entertaining video clip rather than read an article—jumping on the video bandwagon is a must. Be Locally SEO offers premier video production and promotion services (at not such premier prices) as well as YouTube and Google+ integration.

You need to build a YouTube following, attract comments and basically make use of your videos. It’s a great start to have the perfect video, but it’s pretty useless if no one sees it, comments on it or spreads the love. With the YouTube-Google+ hookup, each response you get on your Google+ page is in turn treated as a YouTube reply. It just got a lot easier to foster customer engagement, and you deserve expert help navigating these new waters.

The Circle of Love

No matter how much you’ve played with Google+ circles, you’re probably part of a few be locally seo google and youtube4more circles than you realize. All those comments your video garners will be automatically shared with your circles, or you can decide key circles for sharing. As the owner of a video, you now have more moderator controls to block certain words, review comments before they’re posted and play referee if a particular person gets a little too comment-happy.

Google+ is on the verge of being the latest, and greatest, social media platform. Combining forces with YouTube positions it to move video social networking for businesses onto an entirely different level. Everything is slated to be up and running right in time for the holidays—or, as business owners call it, the profitable season. Don’t miss out on the merger of a lifetime.

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