Everyone has heard the success stories of people becoming famous for a YouTube series or video blog with nothing more than a webcam. Perez Hilton did it, and he’s now a TV personality rolling in the dough. However, these are rare exceptions and about as real as reality television. Proper internet video production is a must for building a brand, video email marketing and securing a solid online reputation. Video marketing can help foster relationships with customers, attract new customers and it’s estimated that video marketing will make up 33 percent of online advertising very soon. You don’t want to leave those kinds of numbers to chance (or to a hand-held camera).

What is Internet Video Production?

There’s a huge difference between TV and the internet. You don’t have to go to a TV production studio to get an internet marketing video (nor would you want to)—that’s like asking a pastry chef to whip up the perfect steak. They’re two entirely different things; that is why Be Locally SEO has experts in internet video production. There are five different types of internet videos people create, and each has a different set of rules:

No matter what type of internet video you need, it all starts with the right equipment. This is expensive to purchase yourself, and it can make a big difference. The quality of a video can even determine if a person watches the entire thing or clicks away. Grainy footage, poor sound and subpar editing aren’t just annoying to watch, they also make you look unprofessional. However, even a great internet video can fail without the right TLC.  The promotion and marketing of videos are also important.


Corporate videos are usually found on websites, but they might also be shared on social media sites like Facebook or YouTube. However, it’s usually only those in the industry who are interested, and these are sometimes used as “welcome to the company” videos or for someone interested in investing in the company.

Website presentations are the only internet videos that should be confined strictly to your website. You’ll often see these on homepages or on landing pages that feature a certain product or service that is better described in a video.

Promotional videos and viral videos should be easily shareable. Going viral isn’t easy, and sometimes there’s no telling what will become the next best thing. The Starwars Kid, How to Look Absolutely Nothing Like Yourself girl and the Sneezing Panda are all examples of viral videos. However, promotional videos can also be creative and informative, gathering a significant amount on online interest.

Be Locally SEO has all the equipment and expertise you need to create a flawless video that appeals to internet audiences.

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