Inbound Marketing Trends to Watch for This Year

Inbound Marketing Trends

Inbound marketing trends represent what’s popular today, but more importantly, they also exemplify what works. Think of your inbound marketing strategies (web copy, topic-related content, SEO, PPC/AdWords strategies and social media) as extremely powerful digital magnets, attracting prospects and pulling them in to you for conversion. Orchestrating a successful inbound marketing strategy requires a little effort, a small investment and a lot of knowledge, but once it’s in place, it’s out there working for you full-time to open dialogues and generate new leads. Following are three of the most influential inbound trends that will set the pace over the coming months.

The Power of Effective Content Remains King

Content marketing has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years, and the next 12 months will see this trend continue, with exponential growth, and this content is becoming more targeted to the user. Client-oriented content is helpful for keeping your existing customers engaged. Reaching prospects becomes easier than ever with content personalization and an enhanced user experience. Experts emphasize that targeting content will be critical in the future, to allow your message to be heard above all the marketing noise made by a proliferation of poor-quality content. Fortunately, Google has recognized this and adjusted its algorithms accordingly.

Telling Your Story with Multimedia

Effective written content continues to set the standard for cutting through the noise of the Internet, and once you get your prospects onto your turf, captivating them is the next challenge. Visitors to your website and social media sites are busy people with dollars to spend, so you must act quickly and dramatically to catch their attention. Multimedia content can do just that. Audio, video and infographics are all the rage with users today, so much so that people have begun to seek out specific types of content. Flip books, animated ebooks and podcasts are also effective for appealing to your prospects. Trade great content for contact information and watch your prospect list grow.

Market Data Analytics and Micro Targeting

Effective analysis of relevant market data remains one of the biggest differentiators available today. Until recently, however, these tools were generally out of the financial reach of smaller business enterprises. Fortunately, that restriction is rapidly diminishing as big data and effective analysis tools are becoming accessible for everyone. Marketing analytics allow you to not only identify but to quantify and profile micro-markets, then hit them with highly targeted ads and other marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing is the wave of the future for enterprise. Every business has unique marketing needs, however, and a customized, targeted strategy will provide the best opportunity for your company to capitalize on this year’s inbound marketing trends. For a customized approach to your online marketing needs, trust the knowledgeable professionals at Be Locally SEO.

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