Do I Need a Facebook Page?

September 2, 2015

Business Facebook Page

It might seem like businesses and Facebook go together like apples and cheddar cheese (try it!), but that’s not always the case.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the United States, and in some instances it can drastically improve your business’ visibility, reputation and the organic traffic to your website. It can be a means of connecting with your audience and potential audiences, and a great way to gather informal data about what your customers need, want and think. However, it’s simply not for every business. You need to make sure any social media integration you have is the best fit for your company.

How can you tell? Start by relying on an expert to help you hone the social side of your online presence. However, bear in mind that if you ask social media experts, they will probably tell you that you need Facebook. Instead, choose a broader professional service, like an SEO strategist, who can see beyond social media. They’ll tell you if your business is a good fit right now and if so, which platform(s) is your best match.

Know the Rules

Facebook is a generic platform, well suited to most businesses. If your business is located in or serves a country where Facebook is one of the top five most-used social media platforms, you may be a good match. However, it’s not enough to just toss up a business page and hope you start collecting likes. Social media requires nurturing, and that takes more time than most people think.

Your analytics will tell you what type of posts perform best, when the best time for you to post may be, how many likes and shares each post gets, and basically directs your next move. Facebook provides quite a bit of analytical information to business page owners, but you still need to be able to translate these numbers into actionable next steps. That’s the tricky part, and it’s exactly why hiring a professional is crucial.

SM and SEO

Social media (SM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are intricately intertwined. Your Facebook posts are another opportunity to bolster your SEO strategy. However, the approach is a little different. Since this isn’t a sales platform, but rather a means of connecting, your keyword and key phrase strategy will be different. Mobile readiness is already built into Facebook and many other social media options, which is critical for SEO, but you need to ensure your website is also keeping pace. More and more often, your visitors may be checking out your SM page first and not your website.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to, “Should I have a Facebook page?” If it’s the right fit, and you can hire someone to artfully manage it, then the answer is likely a yes. However, bear in mind that if a social media page is abandoned (or looks it), that doesn’t bode well for business. The digital tumbleweeds and crickets are a sign that maybe your business is faltering. Let the pros handle it. Contact Be Locally SEO to discuss your possible social media needs with an SEO expert who looks at the big picture.

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