Facebook Lead Generation Ads: Basics and Getting Started

February 14, 2023

The topic of lead generation is a vital one for anyone marketing their products or services digitally, and one of the top tools for doing so in many settings is Facebook. Facebook is well-known for its prowess in many digital advertising areas, and their lead generation ads are especially useful for many businesses across various industries.

At Be Locally, we're happy to assist clients with a huge range of digital advertising needs, including social media marketing, paid ads and many related areas. What exactly are Facebook lead generation ads, what makes them so robust, and what are some simple ways to build these ads and make them work for your business? This two-part blog series will go over everything you need to know.

facebook lead generation ads

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Basics and Benefits

Facebook lead generation ads fall under their broad umbrella of sponsored posts, which also come in several other forms. However, unlike many other advertising mediums, Facebook goes a step further: They allow users to instantly sign up, fill out forms and join newsletters with just a few clicks.

This makes it much easier for businesses to capture leads and generate more sales, as well as automate their follow-up processes. Plus, thanks to the detailed analytics that Facebook provides, you can gain extensive insight into how your ads are performing in real time, making it easy to tweak campaigns as needed in real time.

Building Contact Lists

One of the chief uses and benefits of Facebook lead generation ads is the ability to quickly grow your contact lists. It's important to provide prospects with an incentive to share their information, and you can do this using a variety of tactics: offering discounts, running contests or providing access to exclusive content or offers.

No matter what method you choose, it should be clear and simple for customers to complete the signup process. Make sure you provide clear directions and labels so they know what type of information is required, as well as how the data will be used. Once your contact list is built, you can use it for future marketing campaigns, such as sending out newsletters or setting up automated follow-ups.

Getting Started

Here are some of the simple areas to cover as you get started with Facebook lead generation ads:

  • Determine incentives: What will encourage customers to provide you with their contact information? Think about what your audience would like or need, and how you can match those needs with an offer.
  • Create a landing page: You need a page where those who click on your ad can sign up. This should be separate from the main page of your website, and it should contain all the fields necessary for customers to complete their information.
  • Automated welcome series: Once a lead has clicked on your ad and provided their contact information, you should create an automated welcome series to keep them engaged. This can include emails or text messages with helpful information about your product or service.

In part two of our series, we'll go over how to run and maintain long-term Facebook lead generation ad campaigns. For more here, or to learn about our social media marketing, SEO or other digital marketing solutions, contact our team at Be Locally today.

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