Facebook Ad Scaling: Basics, Types and Benefits

January 11, 2022

Facebook is one of the single largest social media resources for businesses looking to market themselves today, and there are several ways you can capitalize on its power. One of these that's particularly useful for many small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to increase the eyes on their ads without spending tons of additional money, is known as ad scaling. 

At Be Locally, we're happy to assist clients with a wide range of social media marketing tools in addition to our SEO and web design services, including full coverage of Facebook and all its powerful resources. What is Facebook ad scaling, what are the types of ad scaling you might consider, and what are some specific methods of Facebook ad scaling that might work best for your business? Here's a primer.

Facebook ad scaling types benefits

Facebook Ad Scaling Basics

While there are several methods you might undertake to accomplish it, the goal of Facebook ad scaling is simple: To take some of your ads that have performed best on the platform and tweak or adjust them in ways to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency, so you can cover more ground with the same amount of ad dollars (or a very small increase in some cases).

For example: If you've optimized several different ads to perform well on Facebook, but want to increase your reach beyond what those ads can currently do for you, it might be time for a bit of scaling! Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Facebook Ad Scaling

As we noted above, some scaling efforts for Facebook ads will involve increasing your spend, while others will not. This basic difference is the basis for the two primary types of Facebook ad scaling:

  • Vertical scaling: Vertical scaling involves adding more money to your most successful ads, to increase the amount of engagements you receive.
  • Horizontal scaling: Horizontal scaling involves adjusting your ads to expand beyond your most successful ads and reaching a new audience with the same budget as before, or possibly less than before.

Why Facebook Ad Scaling is Done

Scaling is beneficial for several reasons, the largest of which is your ability to analyze your previous successes and build on them. While some businesses do this with a complete redesign of their FB ads, others take a more practical approach by merely tweaking their best-performing ads and scaling efforts out from there.

Another major advantage to ad scaling on Facebook is the fact that you can easily track which of your FB ads are performing well or badly, including those that have been less successful in the past. While it's certainly possible for a business to simply increase their ad spending and use a trial-and-error method of scaling, many businesses can achieve success with some simple analysis and tweaking instead.

In part two of our series, we'll go over a few specific strategies for scaling your Facebook ad content. For more on this, or to learn about any of our social media marketing or other SEO solutions, speak to the team at Be Locally today.

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