Using Brand Storytelling to Promote a 'Boring Business”

Brand Storytelling

Storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of any brand. But this is particularly true for brands that consider themselves “boring.” While a landscaping company or a lawyer may lack the inherent excitement of promoting a musician or an adventure tourism attraction, it’s important to understand that the people looking for your services will find that the right messaging resonates with their needs.

Using stories to help convey what you do, who you work with, and the impact that your products or services have can help prospective clients feel more connected with you brand. Here’s a closer look at how storytelling can help spice up your brand’s positioning in the marketplace through strategic online marketing campaigns.

Losing the illusion of “boring business”

Many businesses struggle with the misconception that their subject matter isn’t interesting. That’s just an illusion. In reality, businesses are creating content and information that’s deeply valued by their target audiences. If you’re being held back from the process of content creation due to a fear that your insights would be boring, let go of that notion. Instead, focus on asking yourself what your target audience cares about the most and write or create other content with those things in mind. Don’t tell yourself you need to create a demand for content. Instead, create content for where demand already exists – and trust that this eager audience won’t view the material that you’re creating as boring.

Understand your audience

In order to meet specific needs, your process must start with understanding your audience. There are numerous strategies for digging in and developing a better sense of what your audience needs and wants. Surveys and formal market research are one such option. Another to consider is looking at leading sources of information in your space including conferences, trade shows, professional associations, trade journals, blogs, and online communities. Even keyword research can help. By developing a deeper understanding of your audience’s biggest problems, interest, and pain points, you’ll be able to determine how to identify the right kinds of stories to speak to your target audience.

Finding your brand’s stories

In many cases, business owners and even marketing personnel haven’t thought about their business in terms of stories. However, there are several areas that can be mined for stories that will resonate with your audience. Ask yourself these questions to help get started:

  • How was your company founded?
  • What problem, need, or pain point do you address?
  • Is there anything interesting in the back story of your executives or staff?
  • Who are your key customers and how do your products or services impact their stories?
  • Do you have customer testimonials that would demonstrate how your products/services work?
  • Are there any differentiating social good elements to your business, such as using green cleaning products, an organic designation, or other?
  • Do your vendors or your manufacturing process set you apart in some interesting way?
  • Is your approach unique in the market for the issue you’re working to solve?

Brand storytelling can help ignite interest in your business. Do you need help finding the right angle? Contact Be Locally SEO today to arrange for a personalized consultation to discuss your online marketing needs.

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