5 Strategies to Get Your Community Excited and Sharing Your Content

Even the most robust content strategy will fail to yield results if your community isn’t engaged and helping to share your content. Many businesses don’t activate their existing network of fans and turn them into brand advocates. After creating new content, there are several steps you can take to help it gain immediate traction with your customers and thebe locally seo sharing content broader market. Here’s a closer look at five things you can do to get your community excited and sharing your content today.

  • Share your content strategically with your existing network: If you’re regularly writing blog posts and then simply publishing them without further promotion, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. Create a checklist of dissemination-related steps to promote each new post you publish. These can include posting links to your Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages, sending out an email newsletter with a link and article preview, or adding the link to a “latest news” section on the front of your site. Make it easy for people that follow your business to discover your latest and greatest content.
  • Create the infrastructure that makes it easy to share: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is failing to invest in simplifying what it takes to share their content. Thanks to a number of different products such as ShareThis, it’s now possible to embed a variety of share buttons on each page of your website and under each new blog post or other piece of content. If possible, include the buttons for each of the major social networks, for emailing a link to the piece, and for reblogging the content to platforms such as Tumblr. The more options you give, the more exposure you’re likely to get from interested readers.
  • Consider bigger content forms: Many readers get fatigued with boring business updates, but get excited about well-written content that’s geared exactly to their needs. In addition to creating high-quality content such as blog posts and feature articles, consider exploring other forms of content for your business. Have you tried images for Instagram and Pinterest, creating an explainer video, doing a short podcast, or simply interviewing an expert in an area related to your topic? By taking your content to the next level, you can demonstrate a lot of value for readers and easily entice them to share it with their networks.
  • Expand your community: Another major benefit of content marketing is the ability to get your brand in front of new readers. There are numerous ways to promote your content while getting your name in front of new audiences. One is strategically guest posting, with the goal of brand building in mind. Another is getting involved with communities such as Inbound.org, Tumblr, and other venues appropriate to your industry. Sharing your links in these forums can bring your business new readers and customers.
  • Gamify your sharing: Many brands are getting great traction on specific campaigns by turning sharing into a game. For example, Volkswagen ran a campaign around road trips that invited VW owners to take and share photos of their summer adventures. Often, a brand will offer prizes, drawings, and other loyalty rewards for customers that share their content. Get creative, and making sharing fun for your community.

Even the best content can’t do its job of building your brand, increasing sales, and attracting leads if it’s not seen by your audience. Finding ways to get your community excited about reading and sharing your content can yield a strong return on investment for your time. If you need assistance developing content your readers love and finding strategic ways to promote it, contact us today to learn more about how our team of expert marketers can help you reach your business goals.

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