Why WordPress is Good for SEO

As a startup business owner, or the manager of an existing business needing a website that features the most current functionality, you want two things: A website that’s (truly) easy to update, and to be at the top of Google’s search results for your keywords and phrases. The good news is that there’s already a perfect match that gives you both—WordPress plays very nicely with search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s how it works, and why WordPress is the only platform you’ll ever need.


As an uber user-friendly content management system (CMS), WordPress has been raking in the “good press” for years. It lets millions of people publish professional websites,be locally seo wordpress quality blogs, operate their business (regardless of the size), and—if you’d like—it really makes it easy to completely design and manage the site yourself. Of course, there are website management companies who can also develop your custom WordPress site from the ground up, ensuring simplicity in key elements you want to manage in the future—such as changes to schedules, blogs, etc. But the best part? WordPress has what it takes for SEO.

Keeping Things Clean

There’s a reason WordPress is currently powering more than 61 million websites, and it starts with the incredibly clean code. Default templates (and of course the premium ones) have no excess fat and allow you to include the meta tags, categories, excerpts, URL strings and titles of your choice. SEO and LSEO both require you to be able to include as many organic key words and phrases as possible. That’s tough to do if you have a CMS that’s bogged down with blubber or doesn’t allow you to customize every crevice where SEO goodies can be stored.

Not sure what a meta tag even is? As previously mentioned, WordPress is extremely easy to use—but you still may prefer to have a professional website developer take charge in the beginning. Every developer is going to be familiar with WordPress, and an SEO company with a solid reputation is going to know how to make the most of any WordPress site. However, go with a more obscure CMS and you might have to go on a serious hunt to find a good developer who’s skilled with how it works.

Creativity Counts

SEO Search Engine OptimizationThere are scores of different types of WordPress templates available, and each one is designed for a specific type of site—it might be eCommerce, pure blogs or a retail shop that needs an extensive gallery to display their wares. Each niche is also designed to maximize the SEO fundamentals, complete with coding that adheres to best practices. Each template offered has been handcrafted to optimize search results for whatever business it caters to.

Additionally, plugins specifically for WordPress sites have been built entirely around SEO function. Plugins themselves can give your SEO a boost, and you can even opt for a plugin whose sole purpose is to keep your SEO on track with little help from your SEO professional. Depending on these plugins can help you streamline the entire optimization process.

Speed Things Up

Google algorithms instantly assess the quality of your website in terms of SEO, and that includes how fast it is. Slow loading times will penalize you, perhaps even kicking you off the first page of search results. As a fast CMS, made faster with certain plugins, you never have to worry about WordPress lagging and costing you SEO points. Better yet, your customers will thank you when they’re not stuck waiting for a page to load.

Ready for the bonus round? When search engines scan your site, they generally gather the first third of the page’s content, and WordPress designers know this. That’s why most themes have the content close to the top of unstyled pages, pushing sidebars and footers down so that search engines see that rich SEO content first. If you thought you only had a few seconds to make a first impression on a date, job interview or when meeting the parents, that stress has nothing on a search engine SEO scan—but don’t worry. With WordPress on your side, you’re sure to get rave reviews every time.

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