Use Virtual Tours to Increase Traffic to Your Business

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer one of the most persuasive marketing tools available today. For the modern consumer, seeing is believing, and this is a great way to highlight your company’s best features. Google has introduced its own powerful version of the virtual tour, Google Business View. Read on to learn more about how virtual tours work and what they can do for your business.

Why Are Virtual Tours Effective?

Potential customers are ready and willing to use the Internet as a resource to find the products and services they need, but they maintain a healthy dose of skepticism. The news is full of the latest online schemes and scams, and the onus is on you to prove that yours is a reputable company. By allowing your prospects to visit your location virtually, you provide a window into your world. Good visual representation shows them everything they need to know.

Real estate professionals have used this approach for years, and for good reason. A home listing offering potential buyers a virtual tour is significantly more likely to have showings and offers than one with only photographs.

Using Google Business View

Google Business View is one of the tech giant’s newest and most powerful offerings for local businesses to raise their visibility. Using Google’s Street View technology, Business View provides a high-quality, 360-degree look inside your business. Consumers universally turn to Google today to find what they’re looking for. Whether they use it to conduct a web search or to locate an address, it’s a name that everyone knows and trusts.

So, when one of your prospects finds your virtual tour through Google, they already have confidence that the information will be valid and helpful. Potential customers will watch your tour, like what they see and soon they will come through your front door!

How Does Business View Benefit You?

Beyond the basic benefits of virtual tours, Google’s Business View offers some powerful additional perks. If you use the suite of location tools offered by Google, including claiming your spot on Google Place, linking your website to the maps function and adding a Business View tour, you will have a huge advantage in the search rankings.

Also, by using Business View for your tour, it will appear more often than it would otherwise. Google makes sure the tour is aggregated across all of its platforms, plus you can embed it anywhere you like. Internet users demand a multimedia experience today, and your ability to engage potential customers will expand significantly when you offer the sensory-rich experience of a high-quality virtual tour.

Be Locally SEO works with expert Google-trusted photographers to obtain high-resolution, panoramic images of your location’s interior and exterior, displaying your most important and influential features and offerings. Once your virtual tour is online, potential customers can interact with it to explore and become engaged. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Contact us today and make a great first impression with your own virtual tour.


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