SEO Themes for COVID-Related Business Demand Changes, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on how the world of SEO and internet marketing has changed for businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Numerous businesses have seen, and continue to see, major shifts in their markets or business factors, and many SEO and related campaigns have changed a great deal as a result.

At Be Locally, we’re happy to provide high-quality SEO services that are versatile and adaptable to any situation based on our expert SEO team. We’ve proudly taken on the task of assisting many of our clients with changes to their business, budget and marketing needs since the outbreak began, and will continue to provide valuable insights and expertise in this area. While part one primarily focused on businesses who have seen big increases in demand due to the pandemic, today’s part two will discuss businesses on the other side of the coin who have been negatively impacted by the crisis, and what they can do from an SEO perspective to stay afloat.

SEO COVID business changes

Keep the Focus on Timely Products

Many of the businesses that have seen decreases during the outbreak involve in-store purchases or luxury goods, though there have been others as well. In all cases, one of the best things you can do is continue to highlight products or services you know will remain relevant even despite decreases in other areas.

Take clothing companies, for instance, which have been some of the most significantly impacted during this crisis. Many of their clothing types will not be as popular for the time being – but sweatpants, lounge shirts and other at-home clothing is at a premium. Companies like these will do well to promote these kinds of products and emphasize their still-relevant areas.

Convert In-Person Experiences to Virtual Ones

Businesses that offer in-person experiences where you try a product or service out have also been heavily impacted. Wherever possible, such businesses must look for ways to convert these experiences into virtual ones – whether that means a visual experience only or some kind of a program where you send products to clients for them to test out on their own before returning if they don’t want them.

Brand Messaging Themes

As you’re changing up product pages, website content or other related areas, keep your messaging in mind. Many companies find themselves in a situation where their normal brand messaging simply won’t play well during the outbreak – you don’t want to be reminding them of negative things. Make sure your messaging remains mostly positive, but also takes the context of the situation into account and isn’t unrealistic.

Deferred Payments

Finally, one great program many businesses are looking to more during the crisis: Offering buy-now, pay-later programs to clients. Not only are many client budgets tighter right now, people are wary of spending on things they don’t absolutely need – but if they don’t have to pay for it for a period of time, they may be more willing.

For more on SEO and website themes to maintain businesses taking a hit during COVID-19, or to learn about any of our PPC, web design, social media or other services, speak to the staff at Be Locally today.

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