SEO Themes for COVID-Related Business Demand Changes, Part 1

We’re over six months from society’s introduction to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the pandemic continues to impact numerous areas of life – including marketing and advertising for businesses. Many businesses have seen major shifts in their markets, profits or related factors as a result of the outbreak, and this is an area online marketers and SEO experts have to be considering while organizing campaigns.

At Be Locally, we’re proud to continue assisting numerous clients with this and a variety of other search engine optimization (SEO), PPC, web design and related themes. Responding to changing business conditions is a huge part of a successful SEO campaign, including for huge societal changes like this one. Using COVID as our test case, there are two distinct tracks of businesses we’ll speak to in this two-part blog: Those who have seen major increases in their business due to recent shifts, and those who have seen big decreases for similar reasons. First up today is companies experiencing huge positive shifts in product or service demand.

SEO covid-related business demand

Types of Businesses

While this will vary somewhat between areas and specific businesses, there are definitely certain types that are seeing mass increases in demand over the last six months, largely due to COVID-related areas. Some of the most common include home office supplies (more people are working from home than ever), sporting goods (outdoor activity has taken the place of the gym for many) and outdoor furniture (outdoor living is the way to go).

In addition, businesses with strong online presences tend to see the biggest increases here. This is because social distancing measures have made online purchases even more popular than they already were during this unique time.

What are some of the SEO practices your online marketing team should be considering if you’re among these businesses, or others in a similar position?

Supply Chains and Stocking

In some cases, your demand for certain products may be so high that your supply chains run into issues. Some of these area areas outside SEO you’ll have to deal with, including ensuring your suppliers are able to get you the requisite products.

From an SEO perspective, one major tip: Do not 404 (Not Found) these pages unless they will not be restocked at all. If you plan to restock them, you need to be able to act quickly once they come back in. Make sure clients have information on alternative locations for finding the product, or for notifications once it’s back in stock.

Imagery and Language Changes

This unique period has also seen many businesses increase their sales due to lifestyle changes, and you can capitalize on this within SEO. Use language and images that speak to your new product relevance and uses wherever possible here.

Addressing Concerns

Many of your clients will be on your pages looking for solutions to their concerns or answers to their questions during this time period. Your on-site messaging must be prepared for this – many have built a new COVID FAQ page, for instance, or have listed a disclaimer on their homepage detailing the safety precautions being taken.

Browse your social media accounts, chat logs and other customer areas to get an idea of major concerns customers have while building these sections.

For more on how to handle surging business demand as a result of COVID-19, or to learn about any of our SEO or other marketing services, speak to the staff at Be Locally today.

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