SEO Strategies That Aren't Worth Your Time

Bad SEO Strategies

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is always changing. New strategies arrive, others fade into oblivion, and still more are suddenly black hat tactics. After all, there was a time when keyword stuffing seemed like a pretty good solution! Any good SEO agency will focus on the most relevant, high-impact strategies first, kind of like a triage approach. Some outdated tactics just aren’t worth the effort anymore, so if your SEO agency is using them, it’s probably time to give them the boot. Unless you have deep pockets and an endless amount of time (who does?), most of these former go-to strategies can be ditched for good:

1. Sticking to Short Keywords

The name of the game has been long-tail keywords/key phrases for quite some time now, yet not every SEO “expert” seems to get that. Single keywords, whether it’s “coffee” or “yoga,” are incredibly competitive, vague, subjective and hard to dominate. Local SEO (LSEO) is getting more and more relevant, and it’s nearly impossible to rank well with single keywords. Long-tail keywords help you be more competitive. If you’re paying for keywords, it’s more affordable, and you’ll end up better connecting with your best demographics.

2. Manually Submitting to Google for Indexing

Yes, you can still do this, but it’s truly a waste of time. Google is fantastic at indexing without you having to request it. Plus, if you need to request it in order for it to happen, that’s a red flag that there’s a problem. Why can’t Google index your site without your help? There’s usually a glaring issue, or perhaps a penalty at play. If your agency recommends or includes this in their (paid) services, start looking elsewhere. They’re not efficient with time or your money.

3. Using Auto-Submission Services.

There are plenty of places that will auto-submit your information to hundreds of directory listings or article sites quickly and cheaply. Google can detect spikes in backlinks from directories and article sites, as well as duplicate content, and will certainly penalize you for it. Getting quality backlinks is not a one-time task, but rather an ongoing project.

4. Using Press Releases for SEO Only

While it’s true that they can bring strength from organic links, press releases have other benefits by the bucketful. Use them when you have something important you want to say, but don’t try to make them pull double duty by working as an SEO strategy, too.

5. Guest Blogging Where it Doesn’t Count

Guest blogging is still a fantastic way to build your reputation and authority, and help with SEO. However, it only counts if these guest blogs sites are complementary, relevant and have decent rankings of their own. If you’re guest blogging on a site for organic cat food in order to increase the ranking for your video game site, what’s the point? Technically you can probably find a connection between any two industries, but stretch too far and you’ll end up failing.

Above all, be sure that you are not trying to manipulate the search engines with your SEO strategy. There are plenty of great ways to demonstrate your relevancy without black-hat techniques. Contact Be Locally SEO today for up-to-date strategies that really work.

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