Optimizing Long-Tail SEO & Social Media’s Small Content

SEO is relevant anywhere you have an online presence—including social media. However, many businesses (especially smaller ones) are challenged when it comes to ranking for their relevant keywords on social media. In an ideal world, when someone Googles “wedding cake toppers Napa Valley,” your wedding cake topper business in Sonoma shows up on the first page of Google search results as both your business website and be locally seo optimizing contentFacebook, Twitter, or other social media presence.

Getting those high rankings in multiple channels is the best way to increase your visibility. It’s how you reach the biggest, most relevant audience possible. It’s how quality traffic is driven. As more and more consumers look to social media as their primary marketing informant, there’s been a dangerous and unnecessary divide in the marketing world: Should you focus on SEO or social media marketing?

The correct answer is both.

Spreading Yourself Just Right

As a business owner, your marketing strategy requires short- and long-term goals. The micro content that’s created for your social media should mimic the kind of results you see from long-tail SEO strategies. Just because you only have 140 characters to improve your visibility doesn’t mean it’s not just as important as your blog or website.

There’s no denying that taking a long-tail SEO strategy works—eventually. It’s definitely a long-term strategy. Almost always, pursuing a number of long(er) key phrases is better than shorter ones from an SEO standpoint. Shorter phrases are much more competitive, and it’ll take a lot longer to see results. For example, compare the short phrase “auto mechanic” to the longer phrase “foreign car mechanic Provo, UT” and it’s easy to see why the long-tail phrase will provide more immediate traction: Less competition.

Savvy SEO & Social Moves

It’s been shown that long-tail phrases of four words lead to a better organic click through rate (CTR) by 56 percent. Short-tail (just one word) only boast a 30 percent organic CTR. SEO experts have compared long-tail strategies to lasering in on a number of social media sites instead of putting all your eggs in the Facebook (or Vine, or Pinterest…) basket.

A lot of companies get caught up in chasing the elusive viral social media post. It’s great if it happens, but it’s very rare and should be a bonus in an overall strategy—not a required end result. Instead, exciting, educating, and/or entertaining your market should be a priority. Just as your SEO campaign should be centered on long-tail approaches (for long-term results), focusing “micro-moments” with your social media campaigns can boost your relationships for the long haul.

How to Make Strides—and Waves

Obviously, you need the right long-tail SEO phrases in order to be successful. You also need it on your website whether the content is longer (think white paper) or shorter (hello, header). Both on-page and off-page SEO best practices need to be embraced. Using the URL, meta tags, etc. for keyword placement while also optimizing usability, quality links, and other SEO arenas will work in your favor.

For creating quality micro-content on social media, the focus needs to be on curating the best images, videos, content (long- and short-form), tweets, and other “social fuel” to keep your fire blazing. Simultaneously, you also need to be honing in on the right content and/or subjects that complement what your business does—and it needs to be featured at the right times on the right channels.

Whew, no wonder you let an SEO pro take care of this. Figuring out all these correctly takes skill, time, and manpower you can’t spare.

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