On Google My Business: Basics, Eligibility, Starting Up

March 9, 2021

There are several tools that will often play a major role in SEO and related online marketing efforts, and one of these that all business owners and marketers should be aware of is Google My Business (GMB). This is a free set of tools and dashboard interfaces that plays a huge role in local marketing and similar themes for businesses, and those who are not taking full advantage of it will simply be falling behind.

At Be Locally, we’re here to help with this and numerous other local SEO, web design, PPC and related services. We’ve assisted hundreds of clients with GMB needs and solutions, from setting up their profile initially to optimizing several important areas within this realm. For those who are just entering the SEO world or setting up a brand new site, this multi-part blog series will dig into everything you need to know about Google My Business as you get started.

Google My Business basics eligibility

Google My Business Basics and Eligibility

To define it specifically, GMB is a layered platform that allows local businesses to submit information, manage areas like their reviews and client questions, and also publish various pictures, videos and posts related to their business. As Google is by far the largest search provider across the nation, GMB is therefore by far the most important such dashboard to be aware of.

Are you eligible to be listed within GMB? That depends completely on Google’s stated guidelines, which are changed and updated regularly. If you’re just getting to the point where you’re looking to list your business, be sure to consult these guidelines in detail to steer clear of violations – said violations can lead to everything from small penalties up to listing removal in some cases.

Creating a GMB Profile

First and foremost, one universal requirement for setting up your GMB profile: You must have a Google account, which most already do. However, if your business does not have its own specific company account, we strongly recommend setting one up instead of using a personal account to manage the profile. If you’re part of an in-house marketing department, GMB allows for the addition and removal of listing owners and managers as-needed.

Once you’ve confirmed a Google account that’s eligible for GMB listing based on the guidelines we linked above, head to this link to get started. You’ll be given a bunch of fields to fill out while creating your GMB profile, with a simple Google wizard showing you how to navigate everything. From there, you will have the option to verify your listing, something we definitely would advise you to do, as it allows you to control and edit the listing in the future. For larger companies listing multiple locations, there are also bulk upload and verification options here.

For more on Google My Business, or to learn about any of our SEO or other online marketing services, speak to the staff at Be Locally today.

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