Incorporating Customer Testimonial into Marketing Campaigns

Having an effective online marketing strategy is critical to customer relationship management and your sales flow. But when you stop to consider the number of emails your customers receive each day and the number of online advertisements that they see, it’s staggering. One way to build trust and raise your visibility is by creatively integrating be locally seo testimonialscustomer testimonials into digital campaigns. Over time, exposure to customer testimonials and success stories builds trust with your new customers and helps move prospective leads along the path to purchase. Here are key strategies for sharing your best customer testimonials in a way that creates value for your readers and doesn’t feel overly self-promotional.

Frame testimonials as case studies and success stories: People love to read case studies and success stories of other individuals who overcame the same issues they are facing. Whether your product helped solve a critical business process issue or your service changed someone’s life for the better, share their testimonial in the context of telling their story. What problem did they have before they worked with you? What product or service did they select, and how did they use the product? What did they love about it? How were they better off afterwards? Facts, figures, and statistics help address readers’ innate desire for data, while telling the story from a personal perspective that helps readers emotionally connect with your customer. Consider featuring one of these case studies in each newsletter that you send out, or as a regular monthly feature.

Include on your website, brochures, and autoresponder series: Customer testimonials are incredibly valuable in the digital world, where trust is naturally lower. When customers have used your product and are testifying to its value, this helps potential customers see you as trustworthy and overcome natural barriers to making an initial purchase. Feature testimonials on your website, blog, brochures and white papers, case studies, and autoresponder series. Wherever possible, associate pictures, names, and locations with your testimonials to lend additional authenticity and credibility.

Claim your business listing on review sites and ask your customers to post there: Review sites such as Google and Yelp give customers a voice to share what they loved and disliked about interactions with a particular business. By claiming your business listing, you’re able to include up-to-date information about your business and respond to customer reviews as they come in. Don’t be afraid to point visitors to your website to your online reviews via a link so that they can see your glowing customer testimonials.

Provide snippets on receipts, invoices, and other printed collateral: Many items your business uses don’t have enough white space to include a full testimonial – but if there’s a great one-liner that you can use as a pull quote, this can be featured in a number of places. Receipts and invoices are one place to share short customer testimonials. Other small businesses have integrated snippets of top customer feedback into executive bios, product packaging, and the back of corporate business cards. Take stock of what feedback you have and see if there are non-traditional places you might be able to feature this compelling social proof.

Harness the power of video testimonials: YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google; it’s used for more than watching kitten videos and the latest music releases. If your customers are tech savvy and are willing to create short video testimonials, these can be an incredibly powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. It’s also smart strategy to produce a professional video featuring your most compelling customer case studies. Upload the videos to a dedicated YouTube channel; imbed them on your website and in your email campaigns; and run email promotions specifically geared to attract customers to watch and share video testimonials. Videos speak to certain audiences in a way that written content never does, and can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Customer testimonials are a valuable asset to any business’ marketing campaign. Most businesses list a few customer testimonials on a page on their website, and fail to leverage it to the full extent possible. Contact Be Locally SEO today to learn more about how our team of SEO professionals can help you use customer testimonials and other forms of social proof to reach your digital marketing goals.

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