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SEO Content Improved Website Ranking

Website ranking has never been more important than it is now, based on Google’s algorithms.

But thanks to Google’s revised methods of evaluation and prioritization, many of the old, tried-and-true methods no longer work to achieve a preferable search engine website ranking.

Today, earning a strong website ranking from Google requires a concentrated integration of informative, exceptional content and search engine optimization strategies that align with Google’s current requirements.

Today, SEO and Website Ranking Is All About That Content

Even just a few years ago, you could improve your website ranking by stuffing keywords and key phrases randomly into page content.

SEO Content

The resulting content was difficult to read at best, but it did the job for increasing page visits and website rankings. What it didn’t do very well was increase conversions or improve sales.

Site visitors quickly learned that they weren’t likely to find any valuable information on websites using meaningless, keyword-stuffed content. Consequently, internet searches became overly long and frustrating hunts for even the most basic of information.

It took a few years, but Google caught on to virtually all of these tricks.

In response, Google implemented a series of site evaluation algorithms designed to push keyword-stuffed sites and pages down in the website rankings.

After this change, Google’s users were better able to find what they were truly looking for. And users rewarded Google by making it the most-used internet search engine by far.

How Content Translates to Search Engine Website Ranking Success

Despite what you might believe, Google is not primarily in business to help searchers find information or to help businesses connect with potential customers. Their overarching business model is making money for Google.

Website Ranking Success

Google only makes money, however, when those underlying goals are met.

If Google’s search results never provided you with anything of value, you would eventually stop using it and find another search engine that did a better job. Likewise, if purchasing Google’s pay-per-click programs and sponsored advertising never brought you any new customers, you wouldn’t keep spending money on it.

Google’s algorithms are designed to provide both business owners and internet searchers exactly what they want. It’s a strategy they have perfected and continue to tweak to keep up with those sites that look for new ways to game their system.

Accurate website ranking ensures that Google users remain loyal.

How Internet Users Perform a Google Search

Many (possibly most) of your prospects don’t start by searching specifically for a business or product.

Google Search

For example, a homeowner having a problem with his garbage disposal might search first on “how to fix a garbage disposal,” rather than looking for a plumber. An amateur runner experiencing knee pain might search “common causes for knee pain” before she searches for an orthopedic surgeon in her area.

But a prospect might search immediately for “Sandy Utah plumber” or “West Jordan sports medicine doctor,” so you must optimize for them as well.

However, unless you go out of your way to provide the first group of searchers what they want, Google won’t offer you up willingly to the second group. And your website ranking won’t improve either.

Understanding Data-Driven SEO and Website Ranking Principles

Today, the goal for leveraging SEO is not to game the system. You want more clicks to your site, but not from anyone who isn’t a valid prospect for your visit. This is especially true if you’re paying Google for every click-through you get.

Data-Driven SEO

The purpose of adding exceptional SEO content to your site is to demonstrate to Google that your website provides more — ideally much more — than a way to contact you.

You accomplish this through a complex and detailed process of identifying your ideal prospects and learning how they search the internet. You learn everything about this group, including what they search for when they need a company that does what you do. And then you create highly optimized content designed to reach them.

Essentially, an integration of content and SEO principles is the secret sauce for increasing website rankings and building your business.

Who Should Write Your SEO Content?

Business owners tend to believe — and rightly so — that they have the most robust understanding of their own business model.

Writing SEO Content

Yes, you probably do know your own company better than anyone else. But you may not understand how to use that knowledge to improve your website rankings in the search engines. For that, you need someone to create outstanding, optimized content.

You could advertise on Craigslist for a professional writer, or you could hire your nephew who’s majoring in journalism. As a result, you might end up with well-written content that is punctuated properly and free of grammatical errors.

However, unless that writer understands the intricacies of today’s SEO strategies (and Google analyzes more than 200 factors in its website rankings), their work isn’t likely to help you improve your website rankings.

Unless your writer can create exceptional content that integrates all of today’s SEO principles, it won’t provide much — if any — return on your investment.

Online marketing and SEO companies provide professionally written content that is meticulously structured to target Google’s algorithms. A complex and highly technical approach is used to accomplish this goal, and the process involves much more than keyword frequency and optimization.

It involves learning about your business, your prospects and your customers, and creating engaging and informative copy that provides those groups with the information they want and need. This leads them to you and encourages them to choose your company for the products and services they may need.

But first and foremost, it helps them find the information they’re looking for.

Individual Page Performance Improves Overall Website Rankings

You can’t be all things to all people on your home page, nor should you try.

Individual Page Perfomance

Individual site pages can be optimized to specific search terms and keywords. This is especially important when your site features a unique page for each service or product your company offers.

Our plumbing company from the example above probably wants to attract commercial as well as residential customers. They may offer new plumbing construction services, remodels and repairs. They may perform repairs on water pipes as well as gas lines. They may offer sewer repairs, drain unclogging, water heater replacements and garbage disposal service.

By including individual pages for each service, you can increase your overall website rankings dramatically while also improving each page rank.

When a blog post or individual topic page helps the runner with knee pain understand more about the risk factors of wearing the wrong footwear or using poor foot-strike technique, you establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. When a troubleshooting or FAQ page helps the homeowner find the reset button on his garbage disposal — and thus solve today’s pressing problem for him — you create a relationship with him that may bring him back to you when he needs plumbing repair.

More than that, however, you demonstrate to Google that you deserve a bump in your website ranking. When you provide more of what Google’s user/searchers want, Google rewards you accordingly.

When you integrate SEO and valuable content correctly, everyone wins.

Learning what Google and the other search engines need to improve your website rankings is as important as identifying what your prospects need and want. Be Locally SEO is the trusted leader in SEO and optimized content. In today’s competitive online market, your company’s growth depends on your ability to integrate all of the complex facets of online marketing.

Contact us today to learn more about our proprietary approach for using optimized, exceptional content to improve your company’s website rankings.


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