Is Facebook Advertising Effective for Your Business?

July 10, 2015

Facebook Advertising

If you haven’t yet tried Facebook advertising, you may be missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Many business owners have been using social media for years, but surprisingly few have tried Facebook’s dynamic advertising platform. Like many of the promotional tools available today, it can be difficult to determine what’s effective and what is a waste of your valuable advertising dollars. Marketing data shows that this strategy has been effective for some businesses, and not so helpful for others. Take a look at the statistics on this social network, and then get some tips for improving the chances that your Facebook ads will be effective.

What the Studies Report

In the last few years, marketing groups have released a variety of studies that report on how well social media ads work. When it comes to Facebook, some studies have shown that the number of ad clicks, ad impressions and ROI for advertisers has been increasing every year. At the same time, cost-per-click rates have decreased over time, making Facebook ads less expensive than they used to be. The cost-effective nature of Facebook ads certainly sounds enticing but, before you make that investment, consider some hints on how to create the most effective ads.

Make Sure Your Ad Content Is Visual and Relevant

If you post on Facebook and other social networks for your business, you already know that images tend to catch the eye of readers more than text alone. The same goes for ads, so be sure to include a high-quality image in each one. Keep in mind that images will not just grab the attention of your audience, but they are also rated better in Facebook's algorithm, giving you an extra advantage. However, your images and the ad's actual content must be relevant to your brand. In fact, the Facebook ad platform will even let you know how relevant your ads are. The higher the rating is, the more relevant your ad is considered, which will also affect how the Facebook algorithm promotes it to your targets.

Include a Call to Action in Every Ad

When people read your ad, it should be obvious what you want them to do. You know you want them to go to your website and buy your product or service, but is that obvious to them? Readers want to know what you expect from them, so let them know in your ad. You might tell them to "buy now" or "click here today for a coupon." Regardless of your call to action, try to give it a sense of urgency so your audience acts fast.

Advertising on social networks is not effective for all businesses, but these tips on creating ads can boost your odds of success. If you need additional help, contact an experienced internet marketing company like Be Locally SEO to learn more about how to create effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

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