Why Blogging Is Relevant to Small Businesses


I’m not big enough for blogging.” This is one of the most common mistakes smaller businesses can make. Blogging can have multiple benefits for businesses of all sizes, and the gains for startups or small businesses are immense. However, there’s one rule across the board: No blog is going be helpful if you don’t manage it properly. In fact, a subpar blog is worse than no blog at all. A quality blog must have relevant content that’s SEO rich with authoritative links, be easy to digest (which means superior writing style along with mobile readiness), and it needs to be shareable and to encourage sharing and consumption.

Suddenly, it looks like blogging is a lot more work than whipping up a post from time to time. Analytics need to be run constantly to ensure the right types of blogs are being created for your business, and to pinpoint the blog’s weakest link(s). It’s not enough to have a fabulous blogging professional on your team. You also need the analytics to ensure it’s making the biggest impact possible.

Blogging Benefits

Specifically with small businesses, blogging allows you a way to get more SEO real estate. Your website is, of course, the No. 1 platform for making a digital imprint. When someone Googles “auto mechanic Santa Barbara,” SEO is the reason certain shops pop up in the first handful of results. With a finely tuned blog, which may be posted at a number of URL destinations, you can get more SEO bang for your buck. Searchers may find your blog first, your website, mentions on review sites, or your social media presence.

However, the biggest benefit of a blog is the opportunity to engage with your audience, foster relationships, and show everyone the face behind the business. People love supporting local, and they like knowing who’s behind the company getting their hard-earned cash. With blogs, you can showcase your personality of your business’s, help your market understand the importance of goods and services, and establish yourself as a leader in your industry and region.

Why Hire an SEO Blogging Company?

Blogging can’t be that tough, can it? That’s where many small business owners go wrong. Blogging is a niche type of writing that requires specific tech implementation. If you want to reach out to other website owners for guest blogging opportunities or link exchanges, suddenly there’s a lot of PR going into your efforts, too. That’s why blogging, particularly with an SEO angle, is a key part of many SEO agencies.

Plus, the vast majority of blogs get abandoned even when the owner has the best of intentions. Abandoned blogs are often left up and visible, which makes your audience think that you don’t care, aren’t professional, and/or can’t manage your time. To get the most out of your blog, leave it to the experts. Contact Be Locally SEO for all your blogging and SEO needs.


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