6 Ways to Improve the SEO Value of Your Company Blog

September 12, 2017

If you want to improve SEO for your website — and who doesn’t? — look to your company blog. It offers some powerful options for boosting your position in the organic search engine results.

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to leverage content marketing strategies. Content marketing is (at least for now) one of Google’s most influential metrics for determining organic page rank.


Your company blog is also a great way to improve your site’s relevancy and authority. Well-written blogs engage your prospects and help move them along the path to purchase.

Below are our six favorite “quick-and-dirty” ways to improve the SEO value of your company’s blog.

No. 1: Add Long-Tailed Keywords and Key Phrases

Your basic keywords and key phrases are the heart and soul of your SEO efforts. But long-tailed keywords are also super important today, especially if you’re trying to improve your position in Google local and hyper-local searches.


As long as you can work them in naturally, blogs are the perfect spot for some of these long-tailed key phrases.

For extra benefit, use them in titles and subheadings.

No. 2: Add SEO Images to Your Blog

Your blog needs images to attract attention and engage readers.

Internet users love images, and adding them to every blog post will boost readership and extend the time users stay on the page. And if you optimize your images, you can leverage them to improve your SERP results as well.

digital images

BTW, this is another great way to work in your long-tailed key phrase.

No. 3: Promote Blog Posts on Social Media

You’ve spent the time and money to create blog posts (or have your content marketing company create them for you), so why not tell the world about them?

Drop a Facebook status update or tweet to let your followers know you’ve posted a new blog. Include a link directly to the post and give your followers a teaser to spark their interest. You can even include a hashtag that’s relevant to your topic to encourage social shares.

Track any responses, shares or retweets too, and be sure to respond appropriately.

No. 4: Invite Discussion on Your Blog Posts

Engage your audience — and boost your site’s visibility — by encouraging comments on your blog posts.


Well-written blogs will engage readers and (hopefully) inspire comments and questions. This is not only a great way to improve engagement with your prospects, but it will also help you in Google’s eyes.

As long as you set your blog comments to be moderated, you should be safe from any spammy responses.

No. 5: Add a Constant Stream of Fresh Content

Google loves consistency and activity. By updating your company blog more often, you will make Google take notice, and as a result, you may see a big improvement in your SEO results.

Google has no magic formula for how often it wants to see new content or how much content it wants. However, the sweet spot for most business websites is one or two new blog posts each week.

Once you start posting regular updates, Google will take notice. It will send its web crawlers to your site more often, which is one of the best ways to improve your SEO results.

No. 6: Up the Quality of Your Blog’s Content

As much as Google rewards frequent content updates, it demands that your content meet its rigorous quality standards before it will reward you in the search rankings.

The sophisticated Google algorithms know the difference between relevant, well-written content and content that is of a lesser quality. This means no keyword stuffing, but it also means using impeccable grammar and spelling.


As for your topics, choose timely subjects that relate to your keywords and phrases. But more important, pick topics that answer the questions your prospects may have and provide them with the information they seek.

When a prospect searches for something specific — and your site’s content provides a well-qualified answer — it makes Google happy. And as you know, when Google’s happy, everybody’s happy.

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