4 Essential Social Skills for Social Media Marketing

April 27, 2015

Social Media Marketing

Many individuals that are involved in promoting their brands online don’t conceptualize online interactions as those that require social skills. Interacting online isn’t vastly different than networking in person. Effecting social media marketing is about having conversations, sharing exciting news, and creating real value for the people you’re connecting with.

Expertly handled social media marketing can build brand loyalty, expand your reach, and increase sales. When poorly managed, social media interactions can damage your brand and even cause you to lose customers. Here’s a closer look at how the standard social graces should be applied in every online interaction.

Stay professional

The reality is that many of the people you interact with online hide behind their perceived anonymity and can be difficult. Rude comments are often left, or critiques made of your business that are unfair or inaccurate. One of the most essential factors to bear in mind in this circumstance is that your attitude matters. When you’re professional and stay focused on the customer experience, it’s possible to resolve or address almost any issue that arises. How you approach difficult online customer service situations not only impacts your relationship with a specific customer but is often observed by future customers and your industry at large.

Be approachable

Social media is a platform where people may be more forthcoming with their time and attention than in face to face interactions. But as you’re building a brand for your company or yourself as an expert online, it’s important to remember that you can benefit from being approachable. What does an approachable social persona look one? For one thing, choose language that’s professional but represents both your brand and yourself. Stiff, corporate language full of acronyms can feel stilted in the social context. Another is to be responsive. Answering questions and engaging in conversations will help prospective and current customers feel like you’re reachable.

Engage in conversation

If all you do is talk about yourself, chances are that your social calendar is pretty dull. No one likes to sit and listen to another person’s unending internal monologue. Social media is the same. Are you always sharing your own content and talking about your own business? If so, it’s time to shift gears.

Instead, find ways to draw others into the conversation. Techniques could include asking a question. What do your friends and followers think about an issue related to current topics in your space? Conduct some data gathering. What market research could you conduct or burning questions could you have answered by connecting with individuals online? Do you have any opportunities to share other people’s content that might appeal to your audience? The more you give, the more you can expect in return.

Find your sense of humor

A sense of humor helps humanize your brand. Humor might mean different things in different industry spaces. Creatives may get away with out and out jokes, while more conservative brands may simply want to develop some content that has a lighter and airier tone than they normally do. Whatever humor means for you, the ability to use it strategically and appropriately on social media can help you build your brand.

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