SEO for Government Agencies

January 19, 2016

Government Agency SEO

You may not think SEO and government agencies form a very strong partnership, but they do. In fact, since navigating the inner workings of such agencies can be so confusing, using search engine optimization to help your visitors find the correct websites, landing pages, content and information is even more critical than it is in some other industries.

SEO as a whole is a collection of practices that helps search engines connect users with the content most relevant to their searches. Being able to quickly find the most relevant content is always useful, but it can be even more important when searching government sites.

For example, let’s say you are looking for information to pay a local arts tax. You were just notified that it’s overdue (perhaps it was lost in the great mail shuffle during last year’s tax season). You’re probably stressed out and want to cross this task off your list as quickly as possible. However, when you search for “arts tax Tulsa,” you can’t find the online link to make a payment.

If that’s the case, either SEO has failed or the agency hasn’t prioritized it at all.

Putting the Servant Back in “Civil Servant”

It’s not news that some government agencies are known for red tape, delays and inefficiency. How much of your agency’s web content is dry, outdated, confusing and not exactly user-friendly?

You likely have at least some of this subpar content because so much of it was copied and pasted from existing (read: old!) bureaucratic documents. It can be even more challenging for smaller agencies that may not have a professional writer on board. However, it’s paramount that you keep your audience in mind.

Improving SEO for government agencies is one of the best ways you can be a civil servant — actually serving your community — in the digital era.

Neither searchers nor creators may know it, but we’re all counting on SEO to link us with the best online information for our searches. This can be accomplished many ways, but they have to be the right ways.

Tapping Your SEO Guru

Content will always be central to SEO, because that’s why SEO was created. The quality and relevancy of your content is the biggest driving force behind your SEO strategy.

However, content is just part of a government agency’s SEO strategy. Also included is link building, quality of the overall site (including layout, speed, user friendliness and navigation ease), and making sure your SEO analytics reflect your efforts.

Contact Be Locally SEO to connect with experts who can manage your government agency’s SEO for you in Utah, quickly and professionally, so you can get back to doing what you do best: serving your community.

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