Why Your Products Should Be on Google Shopping

October 26, 2015

Google Shopping

Are your goods on Google Shopping? If not, they should be.

Consumers search differently for products they want to buy than for anything else online. Many are going directly to their favorite shopping sites, which in the United States are Google Shopping and Amazon. It’s not uncommon to type “shop” into the search bar when you need a yoga mat, dog food or a couch — and when that happens, Google (the clear search engine leader in the United States) is going to autofill that with shopping.google.com. If you’re not on Google Shopping, you’re missing out on a lot of customers.

How do you get started with Google Shopping? It’s pretty easy. First, you’ll need to upload your items into Google Merchant Center, then you create a shopping campaign with Google AdWords. The Merchant Center requires you to create an account and has a fill-in-the-blank approach to showcase your items.

Products are uploaded via your data feed, which is foundational in product promotion. It features the item’s name, availability, price and other key information.

Shopping Campaigns

Once your products are uploaded into the Merchant Center, which is often an ongoing process, then it’s time to set up a shopping campaign for those product listing ads. This is a type of ad format that features a photo, business name, title, price and even more if you’d like (but remember: Simpler is often better). Go to Google AdWords and click on the shopping campaign to customize the product listing.

You can target certain demographics, offer bidding and follow analytics to see what performs best. Right now, Product Listing Ads can pop up in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. If you’re looking to break into the global market, Google Shopping is a fantastic way to do it.

Products Fitting the Platform

Of course, many smaller businesses don’t think they have the tech savviness or time to focus on yet another platform. If you’re already performing pretty well with a website and promoting on social media or a blog, do you really need to add Google Shopping to your plate? The answer has to be yes.

The Digital Era is constantly changing how consumers consume. They want to instantly compare prices and products, not go from one website to another. Fostering customer engagement is still important to loyal customers — but how will you find new loyal customers?

Getting on the Google Shopping bandwagon is no longer optional. It’s a requirement if you want to compete. Google’s power isn’t going anywhere, and as more and more people continue to shop online, they’ll also continue to seek out the best ways to get competitive prices and a wider choice of inventory. It’s your responsibility to be on every major shopping platform, as this allows potentially loyal consumers to connect to your brand.

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