The Growing Importance of SEO for Charter Schools

SEO for Charter Schools

Search engine optimization (SEO) for charter schools has become a necessary marketing tool. As the competitive nature of primary and secondary education increases, charter schools must find new ways to catch parents’ attention and build enrollment.

Although you have many online marketing tools to choose from, several of these options have proven to be especially effective for charter schools. Combine them with fresh and engaging content, and you’ll have a digital marketing strategy that produces amazing results for your school.

Today’s Competitive Nature of Education

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, more than 600 new charter schools opened in the United States in the 2013-2014 school year. Enrollment is also increasing, and experts predict that 10 percent of public school students are now or soon will be enrolled in a charter school.

As the competition for students is heating up, many public schools have opened enrollment outside their district. The homeschooling initiative also is gaining momentum, and of course, private and parochial schools continue to cut into the available student population as well.

Now more than ever, chartered educational institutions must establish their unique brand and demonstrate their credibility and value to parents. In today’s technology-focused world, inbound and online marketing, including SEO and content marketing strategies are the most effective ― and cost-effective ― way of getting your message out.

Adopting a Strategic Online Marketing Strategy

With your school’s goals for enrollment, growth and community awareness in mind, consider the potential tactics and approaches that can best help you succeed. Not every digital marketing tool is effective, however, so consider carefully where your valuable marketing dollars will be spent.

SEO, Google AdWords, other pay-per-click advertising and comprehensive website design are the keystones of charter school marketing. Besides AdWords, Google provides several highly effective tools designed to help local businesses increase their customer base.

Add in some carefully crafted social media marketing, parent reviews, the right directory listings and links, and some custom e-commerce options (to allow you to use your school bookstore and spirit merchandise as an additional online revenue stream) and you’ll be ready to start meeting your goals.

The Power of Great Content

At the heart of every successful online marketing strategy is fresh and engaging online content. Parents don’t want to be pitched to; they want to learn something that will help them help their children. When you make high-quality, educational content the anchor of your online marketing strategy, you will put your school’s brand in front of the parents you most hope to attract.

A strong call to action makes it easy for them to schedule a visit to your school and for you to follow up.

Your job in the charter school system is to provide outstanding education and growth opportunities for your students. When you trust Be Locally SEO to handle your web development and Internet marketing services, you can get back to doing what you do best.

In our experienced and capable hands, your online marketing efforts will provide demonstrable results to help you reach your goals. To learn more, contact us today and speak with one of our experts specializing in SEO for charter schools.


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