Three Great Small Business Websites (And Why They’re Great)

November 12, 2015

Small Business Websites

Small business websites can be both the best tool ever and your biggest nightmare. Your site represents your business to the world and markets for you while you handle other tasks. The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make, however, is believing they can set it and forget it.

Your site forms a critical first impression for many prospects, and as such, it must evolve and keep current with the way your customers wish to transact and communicate. Today, your website must tell your story. It must provide the type of straightforward, interactive experience your prospects demand, and it must be flexible enough to do so across every platform, especially mobile.

We’ve put together three great examples of successful small business sites that meet these criteria, plus offer the added bonus of great design, content and user experience. Take a look and see if you might draw some inspiration for your business.

Punum Roofing, Houston, Texas



Winner of the 2015 WebAwards for Best Small Business Web Design, this site was praised for its design aesthetic, innovation, interactivity and ease of use. The site features fresh and informative content describing the company’s services alongside compelling images of its work. Calls to action are clear and accessible, and the site’s flat design has a fresh, modern look. Unfortunately, this company has not yet added a blog or other effective content-updating strategies, which would help its search results ranking.

Smiles 4 Kids, Greeley, Colorado



This colorful and engaging site features a notable element known as grid- or card-based design. Inspired by Pinterest’s layout and format, cards are extremely useful for mobile optimization. In addition, they provide immense flexibility for site design. Think of a card as a little basket or container that holds one chunk of information.

The Smiles 4 Kids site features three cards on the home page, for “About Us,” “Pediatric Dentistry” and “Meet Our Dentists.” Users seek information quickly and in small chunks, and they recognize instantly that cards will help them navigate your site. Provide them with an intriguing snippet of information on the card, to induce them to click and linger a little longer.

Check out another great example of card-based design here.

The Hunting Company, Henefer, Utah



This dramatic and beautiful site showcases three important small business website design features. The first is what’s known as the “big experience.” This design element, almost cinematic in feel, utilizes oversized graphics and text as the main focus of the home page, at least above the fold. (FYI, “Above the fold” refers to the part of the screen you see before scrolling down. It takes its name from printed newspapers, which always put the most important stories on the top half of the paper, above where it was folded for distribution.)

This site also uses interactive multimedia to draw in visitors. The clever position of the media ensures that visitors will take the time to scroll a bit farther down to see what the buzz is about. And speaking of scrolling farther down, the third element of note on this site is known as the long page. In this example, the home page has all the information a visitor is likely to seek. So, rather than paging through tabs, your prospects simply scroll down until they find what they’re looking for, and then they can click to visit the detail page.

Creating Your Ideal Small Business Site

As a business owner, it’s unlikely you have the time to keep up with website design imperatives and the ins and outs of the user experience. You also may not be aware of the importance of keeping your web presence fresh and dynamic. Be Locally SEO has its finger on the pulse of today’s technology, and we know exactly what works for which types of businesses. Contact us today and let us show you what you can achieve using the right small business websites.

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