What Is Google Business View and How Can it Help My Business?

November 27, 2015

Google Business View

If you’ve never heard of Google Business View, you will soon.

Most people are familiar with the Maps interface and other Google product offerings — Business View is the next in a series of dynamic products that Google hopes will help businesses grab potential new customers’ attention.

This product allows your business to provide an online virtual tour of your location, offering customers a 360-degree look at your place of business. Your tour will appear as part of your Google Maps listing, but you can use it in a variety of ways in your marketing. Read on to learn more about this amazing promotional tool.

The Benefits of Google Business View

This versatile tool was designed to give customers a realistic look into your business from their computer, tablet or smartphone, so they can decide if they want to visit in person.

If you ever have looked at pictures or videos of a store, restaurant or other business before choosing where to go, you will understand the appeal of the virtual tour. In fact, you might have already seen this feature on Google Maps, and used it to decide which local business to visit.

The concept has been used successfully by the real estate industry for decades. Consider setting up Google Business View for your own listing — a virtual tour improves your visibility in Google’s search results.

Should You Use This Tool?

A virtual tour offers real benefit to almost any businesses profile. If you own a restaurant, bar, club or retail store, customers love to have a preview and are much more likely to visit after taking a tour. A Google virtual tour can highlight the most appealing aspects of your location, whether it’s impressive architecture and décor; a fun, family-friendly atmosphere; or simply a well-stocked, high-quality inventory.

You may be surprised to know that a tour can help even if your location isn’t necessarily exciting or high-end. Research shows that people trust what they can see (hence the reason so many business owners appear in their own advertisements), so if customers visit your business for any reason, a tour will provide immense benefit for you.

Showing them your location, even if it’s modest or nondescript, raises your credibility and allows prospects to psychologically connect with your company.

How to Get Started

Getting started with your tour is easy. Be Locally SEO has teamed up with Google Trusted Photographers to professionally produce your tour. Once it’s completed, we post it to your Google Map location profile as well as your website, Facebook page, Twitter account and other strategically chosen locations.

We optimize your tour with a description that uses appropriate keywords and phrases designed to put your listing in front of the right customer profile. It’s a simple, affordable process that will provide measurable benefits to your company for years to come.

Be Locally SEO specializes in the online promotion of your business, arguably the most critical aspect of marketing in today’s tech-minded world. Our customized approach to Internet marketing means you’ll enjoy a suite of services tailored specifically to your market segment and business model. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting Google Business View virtual tours.


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