Digital Marketing in 2019: Is This the Year of the Push Notification?

February 15, 2019

In the world of SEO and digital marketing, push notifications remain relatively unknown, especially as compared to using email and SMS (text) to reach prospects and customers.

However, if it’s appropriate for your business model, you may get better traction – and enjoy a higher ROI – using push strategies.


What Are Push Notifications?

When installing a new app on your device, you’ve likely been asked whether or not you’d like to receive push notifications.

In simple terms, a push notification is a way to send information to someone without having their email address or phone number. These messages can come from an app but also from your company’s website. Your prospects and customers can receive the notifications on their computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch and other devices.

Perhaps the most well-known push notices come from Amazon, alerting you that a product has shipped or has been delivered to your door.


What Are the Benefits of Push Notifications?

With the many types of security and data breaches that occur today, customers and prospects are often leery of providing their email address or phone number. And, let’s face it, we’re all overloaded with spam email and SMS messages already.

Many consumers are much less averse to push notices, as they don’t have to provide personal data to receive them. They also the ability to turn them off whenever they like.

The convenience of push is another significant benefit. They pop up wherever you are, and they don’t require you to open an email or text. They can glance at the notice and, if it appeals to them, they can easily take action. This type of convenience is more important today than ever, in our instant gratification society.

Types of Push Notifications Used in Digital Marketing

Arguably, you cannot consider Amazon order updates as a form of digital marketing (although they are a part of the customer experience so, at least indirectly, these types of alerts do have value in the marketing cycle).

What they are appropriate for in today’s digital marketing landscape include notifications about an otherwise-unadvertised flash sale, a surprise special event, open house, etc. Or they can be for something as simple as alerting your audience that you have just uploaded a new blog post, podcast or video.


Today’s technology provides many opportunities for personalizing your notifications also. Used correctly, you can catch the attention of your audience and drive behavior.

Can You Use Push Notifications in Your Digital Marketing Efforts?

Depending on the products or services you offer, you can use the notifications in a variety of creative and engaging ways – even if you don’t think you have any use for them.

If you have an HVAC company, you can use a push notice to alert customers and prospects that it’s time for their spring AC tune-up and offer them exclusive discounts on the service.

If you’re a plumber, you could send a notice during particularly frigid weather, reminding recipients to take steps to avoid frozen pipes – and direct them to your informative blog post or how-to video.

If you sell products, you can come up with dozens of ways to increase sales by creating urgency and offering specials your audience can’t resist. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, you can target pop-up event, secret sale or a freebie special gift available only on specific dates.

How to Set Up Push Notification Delivery

Many businesses fail to take advantage of this powerful digital marketing tool because it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of how to set up their notices. This is understandable, as you have many options to choose from, depending on your goals.

Various platforms offer subscription service plans and one-time purchase tools, some of which are surprisingly affordable. If your business has an app, you can incorporate notification functions in your code.

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