Why An Active Blog is Critical to a Strong SEO Campaign

Many current and prospective clients ask how an active blog helps attract traffic, leads, and customers to their business. We’d go so far as to say that an active blog is the be locally seo bloggingbedrock of a successful SEO campaign. Consider this: a striking 81% of consumers trust information from blogs. Regularly updating your blog has far reaching consequences for your business, from improving organic SEO rankings to building your brand with customers and prospects. Here’s a closer look at how an active blog can help you achieve your SEO goals.

Blogs add fresh content: With Google’s Panda update which launched in 2011, one of the criteria that the search engine giant rolled into its algorithm was a freshness component. The Freshness Update remains in full force today. The concept is simple: the more regularly your site is updated with new, high quality content, the better it will perform in the search engine results. A frequently updated blog is one of the easiest and most natural ways to do that.

More opportunities to rank for priority key terms: Another benefit of active blogging that’s not frequently discussed is indexing. As you add new content to your site, Google’s search bots come back to index your new content. Each new piece of content in turn represents a fresh opportunity to rank for your priority keywords. One Forbes expert aptly described it as “each blog post serving as another entry into the SEO raffle.”

Regular content inspires trust: Regularly updating your blog has several relationship building benefits with your audience. From a customer perspective, it shows that you’re active and engaged in your business. Customers looking for credibility indicators are more likely to trust a business with an active blogging and social presence. In fact, one study showed that 81% of customers expect companies they do business with to have an active online presence. Blogs also provide a natural opportunity to showcase your expertise, share up to date commentary of factors influencing your customers, and address your audience’s most frequently asked questions.

Blog content helps build new links: Companies that blog attract 97% more links. There are a number of reasons for this – blog posts that are fresh and timely are more likely to be shared and noticed. Blog posts also allow you to discuss a wide range of topics that interest your audience. From an SEO perspective, this is critical. The more you can do to create opportunities for organic link building, the better.

Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition: Blogs improve lead generation numbers throughout the buying cycle. 92% of companies that blogged daily attracted a customer through their blog but at least once weekly is a good baseline to get started.

Developing your blog gives you a channel you control: From Google algorithm changes to Facebook decreasing the reach of Business pages to somewhere in the 1 – 5% of followers range, depending exclusively on outside platforms for your marketing leaves you at the mercy of the industry’s changing forces. Focusing on developing channels that you own – such as your blog and your email marketing list – ensure that your communication efforts and customer relationships stay intact regardless of algorithm or other industry shifts.

An active blog is a core component of any successful SEO strategy. From providing opportunities to connect with your customers to make it easier to attract natural links, there are numerous benefits. What impact are you seeing an active blog have on your business?


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