WordPress for Small Business Websites

August 17, 2015

Wordpress for Small Business

One of today’s best options for small business websites is the WordPress platform. No matter what industry you’re in, WordPress has much to offer. Originally designed as a platform for bloggers, this free and open source software has evolved into a highly flexible content management system. Read on to learn more about this popular application and how it can help your business.

WordPress Basics

Technically, two versions of WordPress are available today. The first is a free version that you access through WordPress.com. Once you sign up, you can select from a variety of free templates, which allow you to customize the appearance and functionality of your page. Unfortunately, this version is not truly appropriate for most business owners. When you build your page on the WordPress site, you are unable to have our own domain name and you are also limited with regard to functionality and storage space. In addition, the free version attaches banner ads to your site. Although this option is available to you, most small businesses opt to use this platform in a slightly different way.

Adapting WordPress for Your Domain

Once you purchase your domain and select a host, you can install the WordPress platform on your site. Next, you can select from thousands of design templates, both free and paid, to turn your site into a customized and fully functional website. Or, if you prefer, you can engage the services of an online marketing company to design your site from scratch. The most popular aspect of this web building platform is its ease of use. Although you may not have the skills necessary to build your site, WordPress is extremely easy to access for the purpose of making minor modifications or additions to your site. For example, you can easily pop in and upload the headshot and bio of a new employee, or add a newly obtained customer testimonial. Of course, you can always ask your marketing professional to help with your updates as well.

WordPress, Blogs and SEO

The WordPress platform is prized for its amazing flexibility and ease of use, but it has other significant benefits as well. The first is the simplicity of adding your company’s blog directly onto your website. In the past, many companies maintained separate domains for their main website and their blog. With WordPress, you can integrate these key marketing tools together, greatly increasing your site’s visibility and allowing customers to find you more easily. WordPress also offers a variety of SEO functionality, allowing your SEO pro to optimize your site for Google and the other search engines.

If you are considering updating your company’s website, or if you need to build one for your new business, consider using the WordPress platform. Be Locally SEO specializes in building company websites on this platform, as a part of an overarching online marketing strategy. Integrating your content and social marketing with search engine and local marketing strategies is easy to do with the mighty WordPress platform.

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