Why Does My Website Need to Be Optimized?

November 17, 2015

Website Optimization

Do you really need optimization for your website? After all, it looks good and your profits have been pretty impressive. No matter what type of business you have, how successful it is or how stunning your website may look, not optimizing it means you’re opting out of more business, more customers and more money. That’s a business strategy nobody would recommend.

The more your web presence follows search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, the healthier your business will be.

SEO is constantly evolving. The purpose of SEO is to match web surfers/potential customers with the best websites for them. In other words, if someone is looking for burlwood live edge furniture in Knoxville, search engines like Google want to make sure the first websites in the search results have the following features:

  • Furniture stores that specialize in burlwood live edge pieces
  • Stores that are located in Knoxville (since the query included Knoxville, which suggests local search engine optimization — or LSEO — is in order)
  • Stores with a strong online presence, which includes a fast website, attractive and user-friendly layout, and minimal spam and ads
  • No black hat tricks to cheat their way to the top of search results
  • Positive reviews and healthy inbound/outbound links

As you can see, even with such a niche search query, search engines push the best, most optimized websites to the top. Your competition’s optimizing their website — don’t fall behind. Keep in mind, numerous studies have shown almost nobody looks past the first page of search engine results, and most people don’t look past the first handful of results.

Being ranked sixth instead of fifth in search queries, even with a very specific search, can lose you the majority of online web searchers.

But I Optimized It Last Year …

A year ago is a lifetime in the world of SEO and technology. SEO always will be changing, because how people search is always changing. In 2015, the digital era fully arrived as the majority of web searches came from mobile devices. People search differently on mobile devices than they do on laptops or desktops. They want mobile readiness, responsive design and maybe an app to complement that mobile version of your website.

SEO is a task you need to be chipping away at constantly. Even top-ranked websites can be improved (and they’re always at risk of being toppled by the competition). Consider this: Coca-Cola spends more money on advertising than any other soda brand in the United States. That’s why they’re No. 1, and why they’ll stay there.

We’re No. 1 (Maybe)!

Is being ranked number one for your key phrases ideal? Of course, but in many cases it’s just not feasible. After all, there’s only room for one in that first position. Still, with every optimization improvement you make, you’re doing better. Being number 19 is better than number 20. Staying at number 5 is great it you get more click-through rates (CTRs), conversions, or if visitors stay on pages longer. Success is linked with optimization in many ways — page rank is just one of them.

A reputable optimization company will offer easy-to-understand analytics and aggressive but reasonable goals. Contact Be Locally SEO today and find out how simple and affordable optimization can be.


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