Website Design Questionnaire


  • Before you tell us about you, let us explain a bit about how we work:
    Most sites will be built in WordPress (unless specifically requested otherwise) which will give you content management abilities
  • All sites will be built to be “responsive” so that they automatically adjust according to screen resolutions and are compliant with Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.
  • You will be provided 2-3 initial design graphic images as a basic design layout in which we will ask for your feedback.
  • We’ll need your feedback in a timely manner (24-48 hours) to ensure the project is not delayed.
  • Once a design is approved, we’ll begin developing the site according to the approved design.
  • Once the basics of the development are accomplished, the site will be placed on a development server and the URL will be shared with you so we can get additional feedback as the development progresses.
  • This feedback, when requested, should also be received within 24-48 hours to keep progress moving.
  • After final website approval, Be Locally SEO will work with you to take the site live on your desired website hosting.