Crazy SEO Stats You Won’t Believe are True

You own a business, or just a website, or at least you’re thinking about it. You’ve heard how important search engine optimization (SEO) is, and you’re starting to believe that content really is king. No matter where you are in the SEO process—whether you just Shocking SEO Statsstarted to research an SEO firm or you’ve been in the thick of it for years—it remains a wild beast. Few people truly understand it, which is why there are SEO gurus to make your life easier.

But everyone loves a little shock factor.

Check out these statistics on SEO that will blow your mind (and might give you a little more respect for the SEO whizzes who are bolstering your rankings).

1. SEO’s a journey…

…that leads to a great destination. However, the journey begins with a shocking 93 percent of “online experiences” starting with SEO. According to Chitika, this simply makes sense. Since almost nobody looks beyond the first page of search engine results when querying key words, obviously almost every online experience has SEO at the wheel.

2. Bigger is better

According to MarketingCharts, a site that has at least 30 pages will enjoy seven times more leads than one with 10 pages. Of course, you can get even better returns if all of those pages are high quality and follow SEO best practices.

3. Go for gold, silver or bronze

It’s sad, but true. The first three results that pop up when someone searches for a key phrase get 61 percent of the action, according to Moz. They’re the ones getting the clicks, and if you don’t rank up there you have to hope users are disappointed enough to start reaching for low hanging fruit. However, focusing on key themes and long-tail keywords instead of singular keywords can help immensely.

4. Google’s a busy bee

Bloomberg reports that Google processes 40,000 search queries every second. Now just imagine all the work Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines are doing at the same time. It probably won’t help the next time you have to wait a nanosecond longer for a search to show up, but it’s still impressive.

5. Pictures, please

You’ve probably heard that more and more people want images instead of text. That’s been evidenced with Image Search getting one billion views per day according to Techcrunch. Whatever happened to good, old fashioned reading? It still has a solid place in SEO, but now optimizing images along with having killer content is just as important.

6. SEO is ABC-ing

Always be closing and converting? That’s a breeze for SEO, with HubSpot reporting that SEO’s lead close rate is 14.6 percent. Compare that to outbound leads like traditional newpaper ads and mailers, which only boast a 1.4 percent rate. If you ever wondered why SEO is a relatively costly investment, there’s your answer—the ROI it offers is intense.

7. Nothing new under the internet?

Here’s a mind boggler: According to InternetLiveStats, a whopping 15 percent of all search queries have never been searched before. It might look like oodles of other people have searched for “give my guinea pig a Mohawk,” but you might just be the first.

SEO is an incredible thing. Behold its wonder and remember that it’s best to let a pro manage it.

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