Beyond Business Blogging: 3 Useful Content Strategies

January 12, 2016

Business Blogging

For virtually any business, blogging is the single most important part of an effective online marketing strategy.

Beyond blogging, however, a variety of other content-focused strategies can help your organization

We have put together an overview of three compelling content strategies that you can implement today to complement and enhance your blog’s effectiveness.

Multimedia and Visual Content Strategies


Visual Content Strategy

Visual content has become invaluable for building online interest as well as attracting new prospects.

The most common visual channels are video, still photos and infographics. Other potential tools include slide-sharing, animation and illustrations.

Visual content can be used on its own or to enhance the impact of the written word.

But video is, hands-down, the king of visual content strategies today.

Use videos to tell a story or as a way of demonstrating your product. Prospects enjoy seeing and hearing from you and your employees, even if you aren’t a trained actor. Setting up one or more YouTube channels will allow you to collect your video content in one place and provide another way for your audience to connect with you.

Don’t stress too much about production values either. As long as your audio is clear and your message meaningful, your viewers aren’t likely to hold the low quality against you.

When you use visuals or multimedia as a part of your strategy, don’t forget to attach meaningful descriptions and titles that include highly targeted keywords and phrases. Done correctly, this will help boost your search engine rankings as well.

Curated Content and Guest Postings

Guest Posting

Including content generated elsewhere is another highly effective way to build your audience and engage in a little mutual promotion with others in your industry or related fields.

Content strategies and executions don’t exist in a vacuum. By collecting exceptional and relevant information from other sources — and sharing it appropriately — you can work with others for mutual benefit.

Use this approach sparingly. Most experts recommend a ratio of 1:4 (or less) of curated or guest content to your own.

Above all, take great care to share only information that is highly relevant to your message and brand, and ensure that your guests are well-regarded experts in their own rights. Sharing less authoritative content can hurt you with Google and the other search engines.

Pinterest is a great tool for curating content, but you can use a periodic newsletter format, targeted email campaigns and social media shares. And don’t forget to credit your sources, accurately and fully, every time!

Content Aggregation

Online marketing, not unlike raising a child, takes a village. On the Internet, that village is populated with thought leaders and influencers.

Begin by identifying those with a loyal following on social media and determining the types of content they aggregate for their followers. Work on developing content that these thought leaders will find valuable enough to share in their spheres of influence.

This approach can take a bit of time and effort, but the payoff potentially can be significant for building your brand.

It’s not a one-way street, however. Invest the time to interact with influencers online and aggregate some of their content occasionally, when it has value for your customers. Engage in an ongoing dialogue by liking and commenting as well.

Eventually, you may find that you’re expanding your own sphere of influence and learning some valuable lessons for improving your content’s quality.

At Be Locally SEO, we understand the value of using a multi-faceted approach to online marketing. Contact us today to learn more about how to use an expanded content strategy to augment the great results you get from business blogging.

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