4 SEO Best Practices You Can Do Yourself

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a very scary, overwhelming, and flat-out confusing concept for the vast majority of businesses. Give a business your SEO skills DIY SEOand it’ll thrive for awhile—teach a business “to SEO” and it’ll thrive for much longer. The whole fishing scenario rings true in all aspects of life, including SEO best strategies. Of course, you’re not going to become an SEO guru overnight (or even after several years, unless you dedicate yourself to it 100 percent). There will always be a high need for quality SEO firms, you’re always going to rely on them in order to keep your website well ranked and relevant, and there are always changes to SEO that you’ll find impossible to keep up with.

Still, there are a few SEO strategies you can do right now for yourself. A great SEO firm will show you how, so that you can maximize your budget. These are some of the basics:

1. Get (Positive) Customer Reviews

You certainly shouldn’t hound your customers, pay for reviews, or bribe for them. However, positive reviews are a crucial part of SEO—especially for small businesses. Keep it ethical when encouraging reviews, and remember that the more “authoritative” the review sites you’re featured on, the more wide-reaching your SEO strategy and online presence will become. There are a number of ways to do this, such as emailing customers to ask for feedback or offering links to your preferred review sites to make it easier.

Google has a local review policy in place for a reason. Read it, learn it, and make sure you abide by their regulations. Chances are, Google is your number one search engine and therefore has the algorithm you need to appease. Don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you, whether it’s holding a fresh catch or not.

2. Publish, Publish, Publish

You need to publish content that’s not just high quality, but also being added on a very regular basis. Having fresh content, preferably with SEO themes organically sprinkled within it, is the number one way to improve your rankings. It keeps your viewers sticking around so they can see what you’ll post next, lets you constantly use long-tail keywords, and is crucial for building your brand.

Of course, this is only feasible if you have a strong web content writer on your team. Your SEO firm should offer these services, but try to bring on some employees with strong writing skills to potentially take over tasks like the company blog. Every single business, regardless of size or industry, requires professional writing.

3. Create a Google My Business Profile

Since Google gobbles up almost 68 percent of all search engine market share, it’s clearly the most important search engine to appease. Get that Google My Business profile completed to the best of your ability. Double check your address, description, hours, and photos. This is an extremely easy way to boost your SEO without having to have any technical knowledge at all.

4. Do Your NAP Data Audit and Make Citations

NAP data (name, address, phone) happens when a business directory lets you list your business information—free of charge. You need to be completely consistent in every single directory you choose. Think Foursquare, yp.com, and Yelp to get started. You can also use freebie tools to find, maintain, and claim local listings you may not know about.

Who knew there was a touch of SEO guru hiding within you and your business? Take the DIY approach with these four elements and your SEO game will be on point. On the other hand, if Be locally SEO is doing your internet marketing, we’ve got you covered.

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